Let’s face it; a nicely decorated room has the power to amplify the positivity of its surroundings. According to scientific reports, most people can get easily influenced by a room's ambiance. And a lady’s room is her fortress and battle ground, and so it should be designed to serve the purpose appropriately.

If you are a lady setting up your room, the first thing to do is to ensure that your bedroom can promote a positive mood. To do so, you have to ensure that the decor that you choose reflects your style, incorporates your favourite colours and patterns, your lamp shines the right light, and still you have ample space to explore more of yourself. And make them blue, to ascertain your heavenly presence altogether.

Let us start with the bedding area. Near to the bed you must have a light lamp that can give you the right lighting. The right ambient light can give you the right mood. Having a nightstand or a bedside table to place the lamp can also be beneficial for you to put your immediate essential and bedtime accessories at hands distance. Choose a roomy bedside table with drawers or doors behind which you can place books, reading glasses and other essentials within reach but out of sight. The handcrafted blue Mughal bedside table could be an effective decor with that regard, which could also reflect as a smart statement piece.

But here’s the thing, your bedside table is not your dressing table. That has to be away from your bed, placed nicely away and yet at an accessible region of your room. Having an elegant dressing table that can reflect your true beauty and help you with your accessories is an essentiality in a lady’s room. Add our blue wooden hand painted boxes to them, and they can be an eye-catching decor altogether.

Coming back to the bed, ensure that you have enough pillows and cushions for yourself. Remember, the bed is your safe zone, the place where you feel yourself. It is important that you make it as comfortable as possible. That includes good bedding, a strong and sturdy bed and really warm and comfortable covers and blankets that can make you feel like you are in heaven. In that regard, the jharoka mayur tussar silk cushion cover could be an ideal choice for you, with its patched embroidered peacock and the zari embroidered teal piping that makes it a unique piece of its own.

Using designs of light colours can help you create a fresh and airy feel help make the room feel bigger. They’re also incredibly smart, giving a seriously grown-up feel. While it’s tempting to go bold with paint colour and dark furniture, soft gentle tones can help you to create a bright space, whatever the size of the room.

Now with regard to the wall, well, that is completely up to you, as long as you keep in mind that what you place on the wall is meant to define you, so ensure that it is a reflection of your soul that you choose to place on the wall. It could be a photo, a painting or even the blue and white ceramic decorative wall plate be an ideal addition with that regard, adding to the blue to drive away the gloom.

Well, so this is a basic guide you can start with when it comes to decorating a lady’s room. So if you are a lady, you can thank us in the comment section for the insights provided. And if you are a guy trying to impress your lady this Women’s Day, tell us which tip of ours you tried and how it fared with your lady. Remember, the idea is not to impress her, but to make her comfortable and feel at home.

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