Yes, it is a wonderful place for you to decorate, but what can one do when you are surrounded by kids? And it doesn’t take much for a kid’s presence to be known, they are like air; they are everywhere, one or two doesn’t matter! And as sweet as they are, it is important to have decors that are kid friendly, which at the same time also serves the purpose of personifying your house the way you want.

Often people think the freedom and fun of decorating your home dies the moment a kid comes into picture. However, creating a kid friendly space can be very liberating, provided you keep an eye on aspects such as sharp corners and breakable objects. And here are a few tips to look into:

  • Jumpers need cushions

Let's start with the big items of comfort, yes, the bed and sofa. These are playing grounds for your kids, so it is important that you have enough cushions and pillows on and around it. And as you are having them, make sure they also fit the overall persona you want to give to your home. You want to show this house is a sweet abode with little minions, or headquarters of little monsters? Choose your cushions accordingly!

Benches are perfect if you have more kids, so that they all can occupy one space, and it will also help them have access to climb up to the table on their own. Additionally, the combo of bench and chairs could effectively lead way to providing a stylish alternative to fancy chairs.

  • Get the kids off sharp edges

Kids are bound to bump themselves on stuff, so let them do it in comfort. Having comfortable Ottomans instead of coffee tables can make your living space completely different and safe for your kids as well. Plus, Ottomans are so comfortable, that they can make them forget that you got them for the kids in the first place!

  • Patterned rugs are now more than just about style

Drips, spills, muddy footprints... This is going to be part of your life, and your household! But these can all be minimized with patterned rugs. And if you are worried about your taste, don't worry; there are patterned rugs to match your taste!

Let's face it, kids are going to be treasure hoarders! And cleaning up behind them could be problematic. So when you are setting up storage spaces, ensure that there is one space assigned for each of your kid. This way, you get to make the house neater, you will also be adapting kids to be more independent.

  • Remember, they will be additional decorative ideas from kids

There will be new artworks on the wall. There will be cracks on the chair and tables. You will be lucky if the mirror or glasses are not broken. And when it comes to decors, it is thus important to keep in mind that the little artists are going to have their hands on these items, so when you are getting new decors, ensure that they are not just kid friendly, but also are lightweight, durable and more importantly worth having additional marks!

  • Dream Big, embrace simplicity!

They are artists, innovators and explorers. In essence, they are dreamers. So it is important that they have space to be themselves. Having their spaces decorated in a manner that suits their desires could help them pursue their desires better. And these can be done in such a simplistic manner, without filling up the space around you with too much stuff.

While these are some basic ideas to look into, to know what would suit best for your kids, it is essential that you have a clear understanding about your living space, and create a basic idea before executing the same. This way, you will have a good idea on what decor will suit your needs. And if you want to have a glance at all the things that could suit you, visit our website and start window shopping:

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