Haso, khelo, rang dalo, aaj holi hai!

Holi is all about colours and joyous moments. The streets are to be splashed with vibrant colours, eradicating all issues and differences between people, spreading the message of joy. And when this is happening all around you, you must also ensure that your home has some colourful aesthetics to match the celebrations outside. Here are a few options you could add from our cart to yours to bring the charm of Holi to your home!

What better way to start than with the walls? Decorating your walls with some bright and colourful paintings can bring the spark of Holi into your house. Having a bold coloured art for one of your walls that is close to the entrance can make your living space much more vibrant. Our wide range of digital art prints act as a looking glass through which one could experience the rich Indian heritage. But if you are looking for something more cultural, our carved wooden ethnic Rajasthani designs with intricate jaalis would be ideal for you. And if you are looking for colourful art pieces with a tinge of spring, our premium canvas floral framed wall arts could do the trick.

Having beautiful paintings on the wall can have a greater reflection on the viewer if you have the right lighting. Having some multi-hued lights and lanterns can make your home brighter and make your evenings lively. This could be achieved with our pendant lamps, which have a radiant look and lets out light through the beautifully carved cutouts, which could give your room a sense of festivity. And if you want to take a more ethnic route,  our canvas lamps might be what you are looking for, with their perfect patterned borders and traditional print, which you could steam iron and straighten, or leave with the crumpled look!

Let’s look at the dining area now. While our servewares are quite utilitarian, they are also crafted uniquely with exquisite designs. Made of wood, our servewares include coasters, placemats and boxes in traditional, contemporary and distressed styles. You might be interested in the Pastel Owls Serving Trays, Enchanted Lotus Serving Platters, Checkered Serving Trays, to name a few.

With regard to the living area, it would be nice for you to have some colourful cushions that match with your curtains. To add to the festive charm, you could opt for pinjore cushions to celebrate the Mughal era, encompassed with the blooms of Kashmir. But if you are more into vibrant designs, the khusro or phulwari cotton cushions would be ideal for you.

Now let’s throw in some pots and vases! Having some colourful vases around could give an effective edge over your Holi decor plans. You can beautify the look of your home by filling its empty corners with some bright coloured flower pots. Having a clustered arrangement on a side table also could bring out a certain festive aesthetic to the surroundings.

Decorating your home for festivals such as Holi is a task that requires good planning and understanding. We believe that by looking into the basics of colours and understanding what will suit your requirements, you can have a really good blast this season. All you need to do is pick up the right decor with bright colours. And you can find some really good options here: www.artisansrose.com

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