About Artisans Rose

About Us

To make artisanal products available to style aficionados across different age groups, across the globe

Our Inspiration

What we were thinking!

To be a world-class designer and retailer of handmade artefacts, interior accents and artisanal handmade items developed on the bedrock of sustainability, integrity, passion, innovation, quality and customer focus; the first choice for discerning customers.

Our Commitment

To work with the best craftsmen in the country to create artisanal products and make them available to style aficionados across different age groups, across the globe. To reclaim and restore rare vintage pieces and make them available to connoisseurs all over. To deeply connect with clients, create bespoke, customized pieces and curate décor and furniture for a wholesome, individualised experience. To showcase our products on popular ecommerce platforms which share the 'handmade' vision.


To partner with architects and interior designers by supporting their commercial and domestic projects with superior and stylish products from our repertoire, at fair prices and reasonable turnaround times.To innovate and create new designs in home décor that range from traditional to contemporary (truly eclectic) which inspire customers to enliven their spaces with.To provide sustainable livelihoods for our team of artisans who are the real stars of our enterprise.

Our Values


We are driven by a deep and abiding passion to ensure that our super-talented artisans continue to make the most superior and stylish décor and furniture pieces with the finest of skills hidden in their own hands; skills which will get eroded with time if they are not practised and passed on. Artisans Rose is deeply grateful to these heroes who continued to soldier on, despite a deluge in machine-made products. This is where we come in, and connect them to a large customer base who appreciate the talent and hard work that goes into each piece.

Customer Focus

We build great relationships with our customers, understand their expectations, get back on time, and address any concerns they may have; we are equally focused on our artisans (internal customers) and other professionals who support us in building our brand.


Mutual trust and integrity are qualities we uphold and believe in their reciprocity when we work with anyone in our circle – external and internal customers, employees, vendors and partners. We are sincere in our dealings and true to our business.


Uncompromising quality characterises our complete chain – raw materials, finishing and presentation, packaging, after-sales service, customer support. We refuse to let ourselves or anyone associated with us, down!


Innovation is our buzzword: we consistently curate new designs, pay attention to new thoughts and ideas and embrace change.

Our Story

Our Work speaks for us!

And now, if you are intrigued by all that you've read so far and want a look-in to The Story of Artisans Rose, click here and read on! We hope you will be inspired to partner with us, and look forward to hearing from you, for a mutually rewarding experience.

How Artisans Rose came to being!

Once upon a time, in the heart of the great financial capital of India, Bombay-Mumbai, lived a young girl who dreamt of artistic living spaces; the dreams rescinded as reality rode in...

The Story Of Artisans Rose  

Our Products

Aesthetic Designs

We design handcrafted décor and furniture, customised signature products, remodelled furniture and vintage pieces, bridging the gap for our customers to set up their very own unique spaces and find gifts for special occasions.

What sets us apart!

Some of our products are actual vintage pieces, while those labelled vintage-styled are new products that are given a vintage or distressed finish. We work with a variety of solid woods, a range of metals & materials & fabrics and the very best craftsmen in the country to bring you artisanal items.

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