Mirrors are an essential mainstay for any parlour. They let professionals work with the ability to get visual perspective from different angles while also giving clients a good view of what’s going on outside their line of sight. But not all mirrors are created equal. Frameless LED wall mirror options, in particular, stand above the rest, proving desirable for salons and other types of parlours that are keen to keep ahead of the curve in the modern age. In a nutshell, here are important tips on how to use LED wall mirrors around your establishment, straight from the mouth of an experienced makeup artist. Let’s get started. 

Make Product Displays Eye-catching With LED Mirrors 

Would you like to make more product sales for your parlour? As simple a décor tweak as incorporating an LED wall mirror as a backdrop for your product exhibits could get things going. These mirrors emit light and draw attention toward a particular area.

Preferably, ensure your product display is in an isolated area away from the glare of other LED mirrors to ensure your exhibit stands out even more profoundly. In terms of an exact recommendation, a square led wall mirror such as Artisans Rose’s Haru Frameless Led Wall Mirror is an excellent choice. Here are a few great details about it:
It comes ready to hang

                  • Hand-assembled to ensure that personal touch 
                  • Adds symmetry and beauty to your interior decor 
                  • Overall, this mirror can make your product shelf flattering regardless of placement, provided you place it within proximity of your display shelf. 

Create a Warm Welcome with a Foyer Mirror

For many parlours, a Foyer is usually the maiden chance at making a first impression, particularly with walk-in customers.

You want to make your clients feel instantly welcome and drawn into the space, and an LED wall mirror may yet again be the answer. 

The Mian Frameless Led Wall Mirror from Artisans Rose, for instance, is a great way to offer a grand and
glamorous welcome. It adds class to your parlour right from the moment a client walks through your entryway
while driving out dark spots to make your establishment even more appealing. Additionally, it can expand the
space and provide a continuum for elegant wall décor or themes.

A few more tips to pull off the Foyer mirror include: 

  • Pair it with a minimalist console table for good measure
  • Get a large enough mirror that stretches up the wall sufficiently
  • Use fewer décor items around it 

If you have a high ceiling to work with, a rectangular wall mirror such as Artisans Rose’s Isas Frameless Led Wall Mirror could be a more ideal fit as a Foyer mirror.

Position Stylish Mirrors to Compliment

A stylist mirror is one of the most important pieces in your parlour. Ideally, the right choice should be large enough to flatter the client and allow the stylist to go about the work with ease. However, it shouldn’t be too large to feel overwhelming, nor too small to impart strain on either party.

Therefore, the ideal stylist mirror should be preferably medium-sized and angled so that there are no glares directly into the customer’s line of sight. That’s because the client will probably spend a lot of time in the stylist chair, hence the need to ensure utmost comfort. 

With that in mind, the Chika Rectangular Led Wall Mirror would make an excellent stylist mirror for your parlour. It is a stunning piece built out of Korean synthetic moulding and will inject a ritzy or opulent ambiance into your establishment. 

Keep the Style Going with a Bathroom Mirror

Most parlours don’t give much thought to their bathroom décor, yet lackluster furnishings can bring about a negative statement about the business. Therefore, it’s important to ensure just as much class and elegance in your bathroom décor, as is the case for the rest of your establishment. 

One way to keep the glam and reputation intact is by way of a large and elegant LED mirror for bathroom. Namely, the Goro Beige Framed Led Mirror from Artisans Rose is a safe bet, and here’s why that’s so: 

  • Stunning beige accents with great versatility
  • Large enough size to cover multiple wash areas
  • Brighter effect due to the rectangular design 
  • Great durability and strength

And this mirror isn’t just great for a restroom. It can also glam up other washing areas outside of the bathroom such as hair wash and handwash stations within your parlour. 

Get a Mirror Just for a Decorative Effect 

For parlours, mirrors largely achieve a functional purpose. Hence, every placement is usually to achieve a specific result. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Your salon could especially benefit from LED mirrors that serve no other purpose aside from injecting decorative flair into the space. 

Get the Den Square Led Wall Mirror from Artisans Rose for just this purpose. This square mirror will help amplify the sense of space and style of your establishment, more so when you place two models of this mirror on opposing walls. 

The mirror particularly works as a decorative masterpiece enabling you to kick off a rustic mood, which is especially appealing in a parlour as it can result in the following: 

                  • A more relaxed and sedative ambiance to soothe clients
                  • A natural and wholesome atmosphere 
                  • An authentic and bespoke look that ensures stand-out quality

Additionally, you may also use a sophisticated LED mirror to create an exclusive corner in your parlour for your guests.  Perhaps, a one-on-one styling oasis to make your clients feel extra special. 

Be Bold. Combine Different Designs!

A single design of an LED wall mirror can quickly feel repetitive and dull. That’s why our experts also recommend mixing different mirror designs. These variations are usually down to shape, where you combine round, rectangle, and square designs, among others, to ensure more cohesion and naturality. But you can also mix it up in terms of modern and vintage pieces, and frames & frameless designs. When you do so, however, be sure to make one large mirror the focal point of your parlour. Shop for all these exquisite LED wall mirrors & more at the Artisans Rose store.