Modern décor and vintage home décor need a strategic approach to mixing and matching them. Otherwise, it’s easy for one side to feel overwhelming at the expense of the other. Moreover, the wrong choices can lead to an incoherent look that simply doesn’t go well together and takes away rather than add to the aesthetic value of the space. But not to worry. After long consultations with our interior design experts, we were able to come up with these eye-opening pointers that will help you merge the best of both worlds seamlessly and effortlessly.

Implement The 80/20 Rule 

Now, let’s set some ground rules to guide us throughout your modern and vintage home décor journey. While most people think that ideally, a 50/50 split is the way to go, it is not always so. 

When creating that eclectic style with vintage and modern décor, you want to lean more toward one side or the other. If you’re keen on vintage, then let it be the domineering theme with modernity taking up the minority in an 80/20 formula or vice versa. 

Let’s demonstrate with an example. Say you’re set on a vintage theme, and you get the following vintage décor from Artisans Rose: 

Eos Decorative Door Wall Frame

Now for these four items, you want to complement the eclectic style by incorporating a fifth contemporary décor item. It doesn’t have to be these exact pieces, but the general rule of thumb for the 80/20 guideline is one modern décor piece for every four vintage items

Merge Transitions With Unifying Colours

Sometimes, when you mix and match present age and old age décor, you run the risk of everything looking disjointed. To avoid that, one way you could go is to unify these different styles with one colour palette.

For instance, most people generally go with white décor for contemporary finishes. If that’s the case for your home, you want to tap into similarly-hued vintage décor.

In this case, consider pairing your décor with the following vintage style décor items from Artisans Rose: 

Choosing a unifying colour ensures harmonic coexistence between these two themes. However, this is not a hard rule though. You can still mix and match contrasting colours to great effect. Whichever direction you take though, be sure to stick to about two or three colour palettes maximum to avoid throwing off the tone of your space. 

Make A Rare Vintage Find Your Point Of Focus

If your choice of furniture is largely present-age, a vintage focal point can be the missing piece of the puzzle. For your centrepiece, you could go with a rustic table for instance, with your modern furniture pieces pointing toward it.

Alternatively, if you’re too fond of your current table, you can top it off with a rare vintage find to give your décor a touch of old-world charm. 

Either way, here are a few vintage style décor ideas that make for an excellent focal point:

Add Warmth To A Whitewashed Kitchen With Dark Vintage

In many cases, the modern kitchen is drenched in white walls. This affords the perfect opportunity for vintage kitchen items to thrive. A few distressed past-century elements in terms of kitchen accessories can add warmth to the room while providing a canvas for the whitewashed backdrop to look even more stunning. 

A few Décor options you could implement in your kitchen to achieve this include: 

You can lump these items up around a set-out or distinct space in your kitchen, to create a '70s-inspired oasis amid the modernity.

Accessorize Modern Furniture With Vintage Cushion Covers

Furniture accessories are important for a variety of reasons. Beyond fusing old and new ideas, they can also add a layer of comfort and protection to your existing pieces. If you have a large modern furniture collection, then get vintage accessories to accent the style. 

So what do we recommend in particular? Here are some excellent options at your disposal: 

  • Rabari Cotton Cushion Cover
  • Telephone Cotton Cushion Cover
  • Bela Cotton Cushion Cover
  • Taru Cotton Cushion Cover
  • Mumbai Taxi Cotton Cushion Cover

You can explore dozens of more traditional cushion covers at Artisans Rose to find one that suits your existing space in terms of style and colour. 

Add A Statement Piece To A Neutral Space

If you have space around your home that doesn’t serve a dedicated purpose or lacks its own defining traits, then a large vintage piece is a great way to give it a new lease of life. An armoire, for instance,  can add just the dramatic jolt that such a space needs. 

 In that regard, a few statement pieces to uplift your neutral spaces include: 

  • Alexi Hand Painted Armoire
  • Corban Hand Painted Armoire
  • Ayna Brass Armoire 
  • Nafisa Brass Almirah 
  • Mahek Brass Almirah 

For good measure, we also advise pairing large statement pieces such as armoires with natural vintage décor. That spans earthenware and planter stands such as the Rakel Vintage Iron Pot and the Sun is Shinning Planter Pot. 

Place Antique Lighting Over Modern Tabletops

Do you have a designated study table or surface that hosts your books or essentials? You could also spice things up by using antique lighting fixtures as accent pieces. These can beautify bedside tables, nightstands, sideboards, and everything else in between. 

Add yesteryear glow and warmth to your surfaces with antique lighting options from Artisans Rose, namely: 

  • Horus Vintage Lamp
  • Tansay Lantern 
  • Cylinder Canvas Pendants

Give Your Home An Eclectic Update! 

We have one last and very important tip. When going for mix-and-match vintage and modern décor combinations, moderation is key. The last thing you want is to make your room feel cluttered. Therefore, change things up by including blank spaces around your home. If you’re now confident to kickstart your modern and vintage décor theme, shop at Artisans Rose for discounted vintage style décor items to get you started.