A vintage candle holder serves more purpose than just light. They enable your event to truly shine, both literally and figuratively, with soothing tones and accents to match the tone of the occasion. Differences in design and mood will mean various candle holders wi11 be ideal for different events. Although many holder designs hold a universal appeal across the board. That being said, here’s a look at
vintage candle holders and what occasions each is most suitable for. 

Chinkara Figurine Tea Light Candle Holder- the Perfect Wedding Statement

White has been the color of weddings for centuries on end. A symbol of purity and innocence, this shade sets an important tone for most weddings. It’s not a hard rule to follow when you buy a vintage wooden candle holder. However, white for when you tie the knot is one way to go, more so if the event has been largely overtaken by other colors in terms of the décor overall. 

To that end, consider the Chinkara Figurine Teal Light Candle Holder, which is a contemporary chic piece inclusive of a glass holder. Cute, cool, and unique, this would make for an especially gorgeous outdoor light source on either side of the aisle. 

Beyond uplifting a bride’s most important pathway, this candle holder can also make for an incredible decorative piece at the reception. It is undoubtedly a superb wedding dinner vintage candle holder to get your guests talking.

In particular, this candle holder stands out most for its:

  • Deer shaped frame
  • Handcrafted authenticity and customization 
  • Super-realistic dual-tone body 

Other great holder options for a wedding also entail the Delphine Tea Light Holder and the Ivory Tea Light Holder.

Cuprum Votive
- For Magical Dinners with Friends

Are you having guests over for dinner and are wondering how to make the occasion extra special? Look no further than the Cuprum Votive candle holders from Artisans Rose. These magical pieces will ensure your table glows well after the sun takes its leave, injecting style and old-world charm to elevate the ambiance of the day. 

Be sure to cluster a few of these candle holders around the length of the table to create “light circles”, if you will, along the dining area. Some important details you may want to note about the Cuprum Votive candle holder include: 

  • It comes with a wax candle so it’s an out-of-the-box item
  • Copper base with lots of natural tones and an earthly vibe
  • Votive and glass case that adds modern chic to the piece 

This particular candle holder is particularly ideal for outdoor dinners or events due to its protective glass casing that ensures it holds up well in the face of the elements, providing service and vintage style even on a windy night.

Ioana Vintage Wooden Candle Holder – a Festive Must-have















This candle holder comes with a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. It is a recycled piece put together from old seeders implored back in the day, providing a tangible piece of history to reinvigorate any traditional festival. 

With immense potential as a collector’s item, the Ioana vintage wooden candle holder offers a solid option for honoring celebrations beyond the uber-popular tradition of fireworks. It offers a far more long-lasting and intimate impact, and can also be implored to create sacred worship corners around the home for certain festivities. 

Here’s what else you may be glad to know about this candle holder:

  • As a three-piece candle holder, it provides extra warm & illumination
  • Dual-use as both an outdoor and indoor candle holder
  • Aged characteristics that ensure a unique, distressed style

Heli Vintage Charpoy Candle Holder
- Set a Romantic Tone














For special anniversaries with your loved one, over an intimate dinner perhaps, the Heli Vintage Charpoy Candle Holder is a prudent choice. It features the classic sleeve candle design and aged wood that will take you back to nostalgic times, allowing you to celebrate and honor your connection. 

This one-piece candle holder is as timeless as it gets and is made from genuinely reclaimed material. It has aged gracefully like a fine wine and can set a romantic mood for a special dinner date with your loved one.

Beyond celebrating special days, you can use the Heli Vintage Charpoy Candle Holder to make every day special.  The calm and soothing effect creates a mood that encourages relaxation and promotes wellness for the mind, body, and soul. Auxiliary options for romantic events also include the Hyacinth Tea Light Holder Set of 3 and the Marigold Tea Light Holder. 


Alu Tealight Wreath– A Hit at Formal Events














Are you keen to make a stellar first impression at a formal party or get-together? The Alu Tealight Wreath is surely one way to do it. Rounded into a wreath made up of beautiful candles, this elegant candle holder sets a formal and classy tone to your event. 

In terms of placement, you want to make it the centerpiece of large tables to add a unique, royal, and pleasantly dramatic touch to the table décor. Additionally, it would also make for a fabulous statement décor around the main entrance to the event. It offers a warm and elegant welcome and is a certain conversation starter.

Some fantastic highlights of this candle holder include: 

  • Beautiful floral patterns around the glass cases 
  • A royal golden backdrop that oozes opulence
  • Intricate design with handcrafted charm 

It is the case of the more the merrier with the Alu Tealight Wreath, which serves up plenty of food for thought when you next think to buy vintage wooden candle holder sets. 

Other worthy mentions of graceful candle holders for formal events as well are the Alui Votives- Set of 3 and the colorfully alluring Rati Tea Light Holder Natural. 


Vintage Candle Holders: Small Details, Big Impact!

Sometimes, the smallest of details at your event can make the biggest impact, more so on your friends and family. While splurging on fancy food, flowers, and other extravagant décor, it’s important to also keep in mind the little details that could make or break your theme such as holders. Vintage candle holders ensure fire safety at your event, while also providing a rustic and unique touch that makes the big day or date all the more special. Check out the Artisans Rose online store to buy candle holder set items for your next event.