One of the country’s most important holidays ever is right around the corner. We’re just a couple of days away from the historic festival of lights and all the excitement that comes with it. Give your home or even office the festive face light it deserves by tapping into the right inspiration this holiday. If you’ve ever asked yourself something along the lines of how do you do Diwali lighting or which lights are best for Diwali, we have plenty of ideas in store for you. Every one of them is sure to kick up your décor game within and without your home. Check out these Diwali lighting ideas that are sure to brighten up the holiday and usher in that festive feel. 

  • Keep it Glamorous Yet Simple With a Canvas Pendant Light

Add some buzz, activity, and personality over countertops, a favorite reading desk, and pretty much everything you’d like to shed some Diwali cheer on with a rustic Cylinder Canvas pendant from Artisans Rose. No need to put in any extra wiring into the ceiling because these lights plug into any outlet around your home. 

This is perfect for the Boho chic lover who’d like to commemorate the significance of Diwali with a free-spirited sense of fashion that will serve well beyond the holiday. Everything down to the lamp holder is handcrafted, ensuring a distinct look for your home that you simply can’t get anywhere else. Dare to be different yet artistically traditional with this crumbled-in light piece that’s sure to set tongues wagging. Get this and other pendant lights online when you shop at Artisans Rose. 

  • A Sleek Tansy Lantern for Your Pooja Room 

Do you have a sacred space set-out dedicated to prayer time? You have extra reason to be grateful this Diwali, and the Tansy Lantern from Artisans Rose is yet any important accessory to add to your pooja room. It can look just as well inside your home as it can out on your front porch, thanks to the following features: 

  • A minimalist yet elegant design that blends into any surroundings
  • A delicate and beautiful combination of glass, wood, and metal that offer Diwali symbolism
  • A durable design that increases longevity even in outdoor use 

If not for yourself, this Tansay Lantern also makes for a great Diwali gift that a loved one will cherish for a lifetime. It is handcrafted, contemporary chic distressed, and goes with any home décor, taking to everything like a duck to water. Hang it from the ceiling, a side wall, and pretty much any space you’d like to light up. 

If you’re eager to try something different this Diwali, shop for this and other lantern options at Artisans Rose right now. 

  • Make a Vintage Lampshade Your Diwali Masterpiece

How do you celebrate Diwali at home? We’re glad you asked. Cook up a feast, invite family and friends, and light up the holiday with eccentric decorations to match such a Horus vintage lamp. India’s biggest day on the calendar celebrates a few historical events long before us, and this lamp is a great way to tap into a bit of history and bring the yesteryears backing into any living space. 

Diwali is an age-long festival whose origins track back over 2,500 years. While the Horus vintage lamp isn’t as old, it offers a vintage way to commemorate your Diwali. Its aged look will remind you of simpler times while making a huge statement this Diwali. The great thing about this lamp is that it holds value as a collector’s item so you’ll find purpose for it long after the holiday has passed. 

Here are a few more reasons why you should get the Horus vintage lamp as a Diwali party piece: 

  • It’s budget-friendly so you have more left to splurge on your other Diwali décor needs
  • It comes with free shipping to further sweeten the pot and save you money 
  • Most importantly, it offers a timeless look ensuring it will be the star of your Diwali parties for many more seasons to come  
  •  Turn Your Living Room into the Life of the Party with Industrial Flair

This Diwali, your home will receive lots of visitors who’d like to share the cheer of the season. Chances are, they’ll spend most of their time hurdled up in conversation and great food in your living room, and that’s where our aglow pendant lamp comes in handy.

While it’ll perfectly over your kitchen island, it also makes a great option if you’re hunting down vintage lights for living room appeal this Diwali.  The industrial look it offers serves as conversation ammunition and can light up dark corners of a living space in which guests can chat away and forget their troubles. If unique is what you’re going for this Diwali, this pendant lamp is as elegant and one-of-a-kind as it gets. 

Beyond your living room, you could also pull off the aglow pendant lamp outdoors. Take the reveling outside and add some Diwali lighting magic to your yard as well. Let the light prevail in and around your home with a traditional lighting piece that’ll look Diwali-level gorgeous around your garden, backyard, and pretty much anywhere you’d like to have it. 

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