Are you a lover of sophisticated luxury that oozes class, elegance, and royalty? Then you’ll want to tap into the glamorous decor style to bring out the vision for your home.  Be that luscious fabrics, artistic metallics that nudge authenticity, or chic neutrals that go with just about anything, we’ll cover this and more to ensure your home gets the lavishness it deserves. If you’re tired of cheap-looking home decor and furniture and want a dramatic and expensive appeal to your home, let our guide show you the way to be glamorous with home decor furniture, and more. 

  • Prioritize Timeless Neutrals to Cement Your Foundation

Let’s start at the very basics with color selection. At the heart of any glam room is a blend of gentle neutrals that make for a gorgeous backdrop to any room. We’re talking about the following shades of colors when it comes to curtains, rugs, and walls, as well: 

  • Cream
  • Tan
  • Grey 
  • White

As far as exact choices go, we have plenty of suggestions for you to play around with. Let’s start with cushion covers. In keeping with our glam theme, you could mix and match the palampore chakra patch with the Nishat cotton silk to ensure neutrality yet inject a dash of ritzy elegance. 

The Zig Zag Green & white dhurry meanwhile, can provide an excellent base for your furniture. It requires a more cautious stylish approach when choosing what goes on it, but it's as minimalist and smart as it gets.

  • Glam it up With a Good Armoire 

Armoires work as pretty much plug-and-play pieces. While most people use them for extra storage, the right choices prove more of a glamorous aesthetic furniture statement than a functional one.  They can anchor any room in terms of being a centerpiece, or they can add more buzz and life to a dull hallway. You can also get creative with a large enough armoire to hold and hide a TV. 

When choosing armoires, it’s important that the design you go with adds to your style rather than tries to fit in. A few dazzling armoire recommendations we have up our sleeve encompass: 

  • The Warda hand-painted armoire: Its rich red tones and animal art make this a thoughtful and dramatic furniture to add to your collection
  • Abigail floral vintage armoire: If this doesn’t say elegant then we don’t know what does. The floral prints go great with the white and can add classy vibrance to curtains and rugs. 
  • Nadira brass almirah: Armoires rarely get any more classy than this royal-esque furniture piece that would accentuate any light piece that resides atop it. 

You can get all these antique furniture online at Artisans Rose for the best price and value. 

  • Let’s Get Shimmery With the Table

Our neutrals are set, and your armoire is picked out, and now it’s time for the lead act: your table. So what makes a living room look elegant? Chances are high that it has a lot to do with your choice of table. 

Dare to be elegantly different with the octagonal brass top table from Artisans Rose. This piece can add a touch of classy industrial appeal with your neutrals having quite literally set the stage for it to shine. 

If this seems a little too out there for you, we also have a ton of other amazing recommendations. The Akili carved console table is a great focal point and statement piece and the same goes as well for the Aerin mother-of-pearl coffee table. 

  • Go Big With Your Display or Book Self

Don’t be scared to go bold and big, because the glamorous decorative style demands it. One option you could try out is the Nibras display shelf, which features a delicate balance of retro wood and brass that can add to entrances, foyers, corridors, and living rooms, you name it. 

Go even bigger with the Juri arch bookshelf, a towering masterpiece of elegance that will be the center of attraction in your glamorous empire. It is made of handcrafted solid wood and will do the rest of your living furniture the justice it deserves. 

If living room space is not a luxury you enjoy, then there’s no shame in going small as long as you keep it classy. The Elijah carved wooden bookshelf or the Nathan wooden bookshelf is the way to do it. Bring a touch of gorgeous natural wood imperfections into the action with either bookshelf, both of which benefit from the uniqueness of handcrafted designs. In particular, the Nathan wooden bookshelf can provide classy residences to your beloved pictures, small-sized vases, books, or artworks. 

  • Turn Up the Heat With Dramatic Lighting

Finish off your glamorous furniture combo with dramatic lighting that will highlight the best qualities of your various pieces. For instance, check out these pairings: 

  • The Horus vintage lamp to go on your classy armoire. This is sure to add a bit of vintage glam, particularly to a colorful armoire while bringing out the wood’s natural characteristics in great style. 
  • The Tansy Lantern: These also make a great addition to countertops, and can liven both indoor and outdoor (front porch) furniture pieces. 
  • Canvas pendant lights: Modern, boho, and truly thoughtful, the cylinder canvas pendants can further glam up wall decor or a favorite corner that you’d like to accentuate. 

Get the Best Home Decor Furniture at Artisans Rose

Of course, don’t forget to get decorative pieces to cap off your glamorous layout. Antique mirrors and wall décor at large can further help reverberate the light and shiny appeal of your glam furniture selection across your house and beyond. Be sure to also look into modern art pieces to further enrich the dimension of luxury, and give your space that something special. If you’re in search of the best furniture and home decor India has to offer, you should find what you need and much more on the Artisans Rose website. The company has many Diwali discounts available, so it’s best to hurry while stock and the offer still lasts.