On the hunt for vintage furniture to transform your new living space? Moving, though stressful, can also be an exciting time to reimagine your style. If you’re looking for that wow factor, and take great pride in originality, then you’ll find that vintage furniture is the way to go. But alas, the world of vintage style can be vast. Even narrowing it down to furniture can still prove pretty overwhelming. 

How do you know a piece is worth its price? How do you even find it in the first place? Today, we make the match and search process simple as we lay bare the ultimate vintage buying guide to turning your home into a Vintage star. 

Beware of Iimitations

Knock-offs or imitations cloud the furniture market, and the problem is especially severe when we’re talking about the market for vintage furniture in India. While you could go through the trouble of authenticating every furniture piece you’d like to add to your new home, it’s much easier to instead reach out to a good and reputable online store. 

If you live in India, we recommend Artisans Rose, which has made a name for genuinely rare and authenticated pieces. It can save you the hassle of doing the leg work yourself, ensuring that instead of worrying about fakes you’re more focused on meeting your vintage taste buds. 

Look Past the Scratches

Particularly new to vintage furniture? Don’t let the cracks or weather-beaten exterior put you off. They are not an indication of flaws and even in some cases can be relied upon as proof of aging. Surface scratches are what in fact make Vintage furniture truly, well, vintage. 

Of course, over time, antique furniture can get bumps, complete tears, and minor flaws from wear and tear over the years. The good news is that many of these blemishes are completely fixable. For example, Artisans Rose offers vintage furniture restoration and reclaiming services. Talented craftsmen can help you get the furniture back to its glory days before it hits your living room

Don’t be Carried Away by Trends

Fads rise and fall just as quickly as days come and go. One rush vintage furniture decision one day may not feel so good the following morning. When everyone is rushing to hop aboard the bandwagon, wait and watch by the sidelines. Give it a couple of days and if you still feel good about it, then, by all means, take the plunge. 

Remember, unlike vintage clothes you can slip into disguise, vintage furniture takes up space. They are seen. They are heard. They cannot be ignored. So don’t set off the balance in your new home by seeking out calamitous designs that throw everything else off in your space. Instead, provide those that blend in harmony with what you already have. 

Gently used Furniture is Always a Great Idea

Old is gold, but you don’t want it to be too old. More so if your vintage furniture is going to serve a more functional than visual purpose. That particularly applies to upholstered furniture, which tends not to hold up as well as case goods like the following for example: 

  • Chests
  • Cabinets 
  • Dining room furniture

But the vintage furniture you get doesn’t always have to be gently used. If the piece is going to serve primarily as eye candy, perhaps as a conversation starter or aesthetic focal point, then there’s more room to consider more weathered options. Keep in mind that refurbishing vintage furniture is sometimes not cheap, so have your budget worked out as you weigh between worn-out pieces and gently used options. 

Good Bones are Key 

Superficial damage to the furniture shouldn’t worry you one bit. Surface defects are perfectly normal but one thing you shouldn’t ignore is the bones of the furniture. By that, we mean: 

  • The frames should be sturdy. Notably, lots of creaking under pressure may be a red flag
  • Cabinet drawers should easily slide in and out, without falling in
  • In the case of plastic furniture, severe cracks may compromise the integrity of the piece

Beyond the bones, you should also evaluate the quality of the workmanship and, in particular, the furniture’s material. It’s prudent to do your homework on the era of the piece in question so you can be a good judge of quality. 

Buy Complementary Pieces

Two pieces of vintage furniture may be better kept apart than together, so consider getting individual pieces that complement one another. It’s rarely the case that you can get a completely, uniform vintage set. Other times, this may also not be feasible because it might just be too expensive. Either way, be sure to negotiate a good deal with the vintage furniture store online of your choosing. Bulk purchases tend to invite special offers and deals. 

There are numerous criteria you can use to ensure separate pieces go well together. Try not to juxtapose too many style elements. One way to bring harmony between different pieces is through repetition. This could be through the similarity of material, patterns, or color schemes, among other attributes. Whatever way you go, it’s important to ensure at least one common element. 

Don’t Overlook Small Brands

Established brand names are always the go-to, and that’s understandable. More renowned brands tend to have a backed history of quality, with substantiated craftsmanship. But that doesn’t mean considering lesser-known brands is settling for less. 

If anything, you’d be surprised how much money you can save by considering other manufacturers of the era. You may get just the same level of quality but for significantly less the price. So don’t dismiss vintage furniture based on just brand name alone. 

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