Are you and your loved one yearning for the vintage feel of years past and would like to turn back the clock with a past-century bedroom décor idea? Many often say that vintage is preloved. Sure modern décor solutions can be good, but there’s just something about the style of yesteryears that will always hold a precious spot in our hearts. For the old souls keen to rekindle the magic and escape to the past, you can relieve the retro years with our countdown of awesome retro décor ideas to take you back in time: 

  • Durriya Vintage Style Wooden Four Poster Bed

The average person spends about a third of their lifetime asleep. Revolutionize how you slumber with this poster bed, which offers the following: 

  • A Nostalgic Vintage Style that Will Take You Back To A Charming 16th-century Feel
  • Easy To Accessorize With Curtains To Ensure Extra Warmth – or Privacy
  • Decorative Design That Instantly Injects Class Into Your Bedroom

The carved headboard finish is also a key highlight. It completes excellent detailing that rings beautifully across the exterior’s dark tone.

  • Aindrea Vintage Wooden Trunk

How do you and your partner store your books and other essentials? While shelves and cabinets are great, this can disorganize your space and throw off your bedroom décor. 

That’s why we strongly recommend a vintage storage piece such as the Aindrea Vintage Wooden trunk. The iron buckles and teak wood provide a historic touch to complete a natural finish look that is definitely from a time yonder. It offers luxury storage for extra blankets while remaining space-efficient at the same time. 

  • Ayna Brass Bedside Table

With a wash finish and other accents from the past, this bedside table is what golden retro décor is all about. Simple, elegant yet unmistakably quaint, the Ayna Brass Bedside Table would make for a perfect addition to your bedroom. 

Additionally, it could also find splendid residence across various parts of your home leading up to your bedroom, namely: 

  • Entrances 
  • Window Sills
  • Foyers
  • Corridors, You Name It

If handcrafted and unique are your primary criteria for picking out bedroom retro decor, the Ayna Bedside table makes for a gorgeous acquisition. 

  • Leono Brass Door knocker

Door knockers are not just for your front doors. The Leono Brass Door Knocker, for instance, can be mounted to your bedroom door for one of two purposes. First, to ensure the retro hit feel hits you right before you get into your space. Second, to add an extra layer of privacy to your bedroom, more so if you live with a big family.

The lion detail on the knocker is not just vintage but also reflects your couple’s status as the head of your family’s hierarchy. It’s also worth pointing out that you don’t have to explicitly use the Leono Brass Door knocker as a door knocker, it could also purely fulfil aesthetic purposes on your bedroom walls. 

  • Hyacinth Tea Light Holder Set of 3

Nothing says golden age retro quite like old-world candle and tea light holders. Beyond magnifying the beauty of a traditional light source, these accessories can also set the romantic tone for your space on special occasions or any day really.

Aside from the Hyacinth Tea Light Holder Set of 3, we also recommend the following options for that golden age retro charm: 

  • Chinkara Tea Light Candle Holder
  • Ioanna Vintage Wooden Candle Holder
  • Cuprum Votive Candle Holder
  • Bedri Round Bone Inlay Box

How you store jewellery and precious possessions is about to get even more old-fashioned and classy with the Bedri Round Bone Inlay Box. This gorgeous blonde accessory holds as much aesthetic value as it does utilitarian purpose. 

The conventional shapes and vintage wood, stone, or metalwork will add glam to your sleeping quarters and help cement a more natural vibe. The great thing about these is that they come in varying shapes, enabling you to mix and match across surfaces for an even more delightful look. 

  • Sns Collection Paintings

Paintings allow you to leave your mark on your bedroom space. The right choice adds character and personality to the room while giving monochromatic walls new life with a welcomed splash of colour. 

In that regard, we recommend the Sns Collection – Passion series by Artisans Rose, which offers: 

  • A Mood-uplifting Colour Palette 
  • The Chance To Link Art To A Special Memory Such As A Special Day
  • Excellent Finish To Your Sleeping Space

Advisably, you could get both the masculine and feminine iterations of this painting to ensure alternating uniformity to represent both you and your partner, kind of like a yin-yang setup.  

  • Daneen Arm Chair

What is the use of a chair in the bedroom? Well, it provides comfortable seating for you and your partner when you need to create a reading corner, breastfeed an infant at odd hours, or just unwind and share a conversation with your partner. 

Of course, you don’t want bulky furniture in your sleeping quarters. That’s why we recommend a space-conscious option like the Daneen Arm Chair Leather Seat, which comes with a matching footrest. Keep it opposite your bed or just by its foot for elegant placement. 

  • Horus Vintage Lampshade

This industrial-feel accessory right away introduces a retro sense to your bedroom. It is a statement item built from reclaimed vintage material that serves you well as a bedside lamp. 

If you have something more Boho-inspired in mind, we also recommend exploring the following lighting options by Artisans Rose: 

  • Tansy Lantern 
  • Cylinder Canvas Pendants

Create your fantasy retro sleep quarters by even trying out these three different lamp designs across different corners of your bedroom.

Finish It Off With A Vintage Mirror!

A vintage bedroom can bring back the niceness and comfort of the ‘90s and take your space back to happier and simpler times. With the many retro décor ideas we have explored today, you have all the ammunition you need to recreate that old-school ambiance. Last but not least, we also suggest completing your setup with a past-century item such as the Argus Wall Mirror or the Alvis Framed Rectangular Bathroom and Decorative Wall Mirror. This will help tie in your retro décor and provide a nice visual focal point. Buy these and more décor items for your bedroom and home at large at Artisans Rose today to enjoy huge discounts!