Home décor trends are changing all the time. If you’re tired of always being late to the party and want to tap into some timeless beauty to ensure your living never runs out of style, our article today is for you. We’ll suggest some must-have items that are certain to help your interior design defy age and spare you the trouble of endless remodeling. So how do I make my house look timeless? It starts by knowing how to pick out the right vintage home decor online. Lucky for you, we got you covered with these ideas that will always be trendy.  

Puppet Collection Wall Art – Breathe New Life into your walls

Empty walls attract stress and anxiety, and no amount of quality paint alone can change that. Additionally, they can build a poor first impression with guests, and even negate the elegance of any great furniture pieces you’ve picked out

If your walls lack personality and sometimes feel lifeless, the puppet collection wall art from Artisans Rose will change that. Available in a variety of designs depicting Indian culture and deities, these works of art are a timeless nod to our past and add soul to your living space. 

Some notable paintings in this category that we recommend when looking for the best vintage home decor India is known for, include: 

Of course, you can explore many more painting options at the Artisans Rose store to match your likes, needs, and style. 

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Kerberos Decorative Door Frame- Meet Natural flair 

Walls without any activity are akin to artists devoid of creativity. So we’ll serve up a couple more options on how to uplift your wall with timeless beauty, namely through the Kerberos Decorative Door Frame. This piece is especially ideal if you have an overly bright living space that you’d like to tame with some dark tones. 

Here’s what makes the Kerberos Decorative Door Frame so classic and ageless: 

  • Old window architectural design that serves as a towering reminder of ancient lifestyles. It will therefore always hold value as a collector’s item that never goes out of style 
  • It’s made of rare reclaimed wood from centuries past, yet has endured minimal aging thanks to refined craftsmanship 
  • Lovely details and patterns along the wood, right from front to back, which magnify the interest of the piece 

To get this and more of the vintage home decor India has to offer, browse the Artisans Rose website

Sander Framed Rectangular Bathroom and Decorative Wall Mirror

Nothing says timeless beauty quite like vintage mirrors, which are truly a celebration of history and creativity. Case in point, the Sander Framed Rectangular Mirror, which will you give your home an eternal finish that will forever be in style

This vintage mirror isn’t just great for the bathroom. It will also look wonderful in any living space, be it the in the bedroom as a dress-up mirror or in the living room to expand your appeal. 

Notable highlights of this fashionable piece, include: 

  • Unique Korean synthetic molding that gives the mirror a hand-assembled cultural uplift
  • Given that you can place it horizontally and vertically and it will still look great, this mirror offers excellent interior design versatility 
  • This out-of-the-box selection is a great way to redirect natural light to further boost the organic appeal of your home

Jonas Carved Vintage Bracket on a Stand

How we accessorize our homes also dictates the tone. If you’re hoping for vintage home decor online that has both staying power and imaginative appeal, the Jonas Carved Vintage Bracket on a Stand is an excellent option. 

Bring some more positive energy into your home with this rustic piece, that clearly looks from a timeline way beyond ours. Right from the early 20th century, this bracket on a stand bears plenty of old-world charm and is an excellent conversation starter. 

Beyond this exact piece, we also recommend the following from Artisans Rose to make your interior timeless: 

Be sure to also look into the Dorus Vintage Bracket on Stand and the Zeeshan Ganesha Vintage Paperweight for more elegant, vintage accessories built for eternal fashion   

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Sun is Shining Planter Pot

Brighten your day with the Sun is Shinning Planter Pot, a great way to store your plants and up your vintage home decor gap. This would look wonderful on your balcony or patio, but it works just as well indoors, preferably residing on a countertop next to some natural light. 

Some design accents worth noting about this piece include: 

  • It is made from handcrafted metal, making it perfect to provide service in the outdoors 
  • Weather-resistance qualities aside, the bright farmhouse vibe is a great way to bring a bit of nature into your living space
  • Solid patterns that also add a visual accent to the living space

However, there are many other timeless pot designs you can sink your teeth into at Artisans Rose. For example, the Agape Planter Pot affords a vintage, industrial-feel option while the Rakel Vintage Iron Pot presents an exclusive design that will always be trendy. 

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Timeless is Priceless

Go for timeless beauty by shopping for these and more options on vintage home decor online at Artisans Rose. When your interior design is classy and timeless, your living space radiates a serene confidence that’s neither stale or over the top. It’s perfectly balanced and your home finds a sophisticated tone that’s unlike ordinary design, with a classical touch that evokes interest, warmth, and creativity. Delve into the world of ageless beauty and bring the magic into your home with Artisans Rose range of unique, handcrafted pieces.