What is the first thing you do when you are not feeling quite yourself? You give a quick glance in the mirror! Mirrors also help us shift our perspectives and make us less socially awkward, making it a perfect companion unlike any other. In essence, mirrors help us see and feel more of ourselves.

But it is not just about the reflective surface, is it? No, it is more than that! When an element is bound to show you yourself, it is also bound to reflect your inner self through how it looks. This Mirror Festival, let us guide you through the world of mirrors, crafted by the best in the industry.

Let us start with a reminiscence from the Mughal Era. The Minaret Mirror frame takes its inspiration from the regal Mughal architecture, which offsets contemporary as well as ethnic decor and design schemes. The design elegance it holds makes it a perfect add-on for those who would like a touch of the Mughal empire in their living room.

Looking for something more antique? The silver decorative wall mirror could do the trick! These stunning pieces carved using quality wood or metal come in styles ranging from antique to contemporary, distressed and kitsch. The Mother of Pearl round wall mirror and the Mahagony finish decorative wall mirror on the other hand are perfect for creating a myriad of moods, whilst holding a touch of antiquity.

If you are someone looking for something lucrative for your bathroom, look no further, for the LED wall mirror is what you are looking for. Built using imported Korean synthetic moulding and assembled by hand, these mirrors came with and without frames and in different shapes and sizes that are designed to give a unique elegance for private spaces.

If you are someone who wants to strike a stunning pose, check your power pose or seek validation for yourself, then full length standing mirrors would be ideal for you. Built in antique and contemporary style, these come with wooden finish, giving it a natural and personal touch.

And if you have got kids, you could get them something else altogether to suit their personality. If they are being brash and hard, get them the stylish Ring a-round fibre wall mirror, which are fashioned to look like floating tubes on yachts, built to reminiscence seaside missions. If they are sweet and tender with love for nature, get them the floral phenomenon mirrors which will enable them to admire their reflection in full bloom year-round. And if they are into tradition and history, get them something exciting like a hand carved Vintage wooden Jharokha mirror.

Perfect as qualitative additions to your living spaces, these mirrors are a unique blend on its own, and there are more for options for you to look and choose from. And now is the right time to book what you desire, for our products come with special offers and discounts during the Mirror Festival. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our designs and book your favourite mirror now! And for more details, peek into our website: www.artisansrose.com

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