There is a tint of winter in the air. The coldness wraps our legs in the nights. December comes with a ringing bell, and with it comes the anticipation of Christmas.  And now that it is around the corner, it is time to prepare your house to welcome Santa and Baby Jesus.

Let’s start with the most essential Christmas entities: the crib! Nothing can get more minimal than this Christmas crib, star and wooden décor, which will take up a very little place, and yet will be perfectly eye-catchy. Prepared using reclaimed wood and gifting paper, these are designed to give your living space an archaic touch whilst preparing for Christmas.

For people who are tired of the plastic and synthetic Christmas tree ornaments, we have Christmas Angels made of jute and/or natural fibres. These are very eco-friendly, kid-friendly and most importantly are crafted with elegance. What’s more, this comes in a set of three in a nicely wrapped gift box, making it a perfect gift for your loved ones as well.

If you want the traditional elements, what you might be looking for is the Santa assortment! A bright red shining star, Santa Claus, his reindeers, and his fat gift sack... You can have them all and make your Christmas tree shine like a Christmas star! Made using reclaimed wood and strings, these ornaments are eco-friendly and have a long shelf life, so these can be used as many times as you want.

Unfortunately, if you have children, you will need more than just traditional elements. For this case, we have wittily crafted Christmas ornaments, which include an ice-skating Elf, a Badass Santa and Snow Ballerina! And if you are one without kids, and want to show your guests that you are going to take your Christmas to the next level, you could have a set that includes a very drunk star, a very excited Xmas tree, a fat Gingerbread man and a content Gift Sac hang up on your tree!

Now let us look into wreaths. Prepared using natural materials such as twigs and jute, these wreaths have an elegant and rich persona of their own, making them the perfect decorative piece for you, whether it's hung on the door or the wall. There are many options you may be interested in, which include Baubel Wreaths, Russet Wreaths, Admiral Wreaths, Parakeet Wreaths, Scarlet Wreaths and many more!

Finally, tea light holders. If there is a little Goth in you, this design inspired by Tim Burton movies would be an ideal piece for your home. This home tea light holder is designed to be the perfect mood lighting at home. Light a candle in it and experience a touch of the archaic British homes at your convenience. And if you want something more Indian, you could have this Chinkara figurine tea light candle holders, which can act like perfect alternatives for Christmas reindeers. And if you want to have something from the Malabari past, these Walnut Lights Candle Holders would be ideal.

Christmas is all about celebrating the coldness of winter with your loved ones, hot chocolate and elements of Christmas around you. And if you have found something that you think is ideal for your Christmas, give us a ring. And for more Christmas decors and options, visit our website:

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