WHAT, according to you, does your guest get acquainted with in your house? Some may say that it is the drinks or company you offer, while others could be creative and say that it is the carpet and the doormat! Well, yes, these may be things your guest may come across, but what makes one feel like home is what is present on your comfortable chairs and sofas! Yes, we are talking about cushions.

Cushions can be very important in a house, for it doesn’t just give an added comfort to the sitter, but also delivers a message through the eyes. So having the perfect cushion is an essentiality by all means, and yet, for some reason, our tastes go barren there. The fault is not ours though, we often taken the same design for the entire house, that you miss out on the fact that you could actually mix and match cushions, especially to fit the festivities of your house.

Diwali is about celebrating elegantly. And we at Artisans Rose can help you create that elegance in your house through a simple mix and match of cushions!

elegant cushion cover

Take the Jharoka Mayur Tussar silk cushion covers. This cushion cover comes with a tea dyed tussar silk base with a Jharoka in relief with a patched embroidered peacock perched on its sill. And what would be perfect with this is the Jharoka Roopan teal cotton silk cushion cover. With a copper foil printed cotton viscose dark teal base, this cover could be an ideal match for the former, giving your room a Rajasthani elegance.

Orange cushion covers

Into orange? Then have the Phulwari Orange cotton cushion cover with the Dragonfly Orange cotton cushion cover. Both the covers have cotton chambray bases and treat the tropical flora and fauna in a pleasant and stylised representation, designed in contrasting orange.

retro cushion covers

Now here is something for the retro lovers! The Retro telephone cotton canvas cushion cover and the Retro camera cotton canvas cushion cover are perfect for those who have that bit of the retro era in them. Add these with the Letters red cotton cushion cover, and you can have a whole new aura in your living room!

retro cotton cushion covers

Let us play with colours now! The Letters mango cotton cushion cover and the Letters pink cotton cushion cover is a perfect fit for one who loves natural colours. Throw in the Retro scooter cotton canvas cushion cover, and create a bright, fun and happy accenting your room!

Classic cushion covers

The sophisticated lot will love it when they combine the Retro car cotton canvas cushion cover with the Metropolis Ivory cotton canvas cushion cover. Inspired by the modern world, the graphic representation of a perspective view of a high-rise and the classic icons of the yesteryears together form a fun and bold statement, defining the owner of the house uniquely.

Got your eyes on something for Diwali? Check out our website and you will find even more that could suit your taste and desires alike. The wide collection available at Artisans Rose can help you find a bit of Diwali and yourself! Click here for more: https://www.artisansrose.com

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