What are the trends for Christmas 2022? If you’ve spent a couple of late nights wondering just how to make your home impressive this festive season, Artisans Rose has plenty of DIY ideas that you could try out. Many homes look quite the same during Christmas. We see many of the same patterns and ornaments that have been used for millennia. But with these home décor ideas for Christmas, you’re sure to give your house that stand-out quality to impress your guests. So how do I make my house look festive for Christmas you ask? Check out these amazing DIY ideas:

  • Decorate your doorway with wood ball ornaments for an adorable Christmas invitation

A lot of thought should go into your doorway or entrance presentation. After all, it is the first thing your guests will see when they come to visit. So you want to get this spot on. Luckily, there’s more than one way to make a great impression with your decor and you can get plenty of ideas from the Artisans Rose store. 

For instance, the wooden Christmas balls tree ornaments can be a great accessory for your immediate outdoors. Pair these with red wood apple Christmas decor and you have yourself a great presentation. Advisably, you could match these into a ring around the frame of your door in an alternating fashion so you get a nice sequence of red and brown. If you want something a lot less grand but still as cheery and festive then one pair each of both sets of Christmas balls somewhere atop your door should look wonderful. 

  • Combine quirky tree ornaments for a cheeky Christmas style 

Christmas trees are often synonymous with stars and gift sacs. Problem is, many of these look the same, making it hard to stand out from the crowd. But there’s a great way to change that with quirky tree ornaments that capture the humorous side of the festivities. 

Here are a few ornament suggestions from Artisans Rose that we’re absolutely head over heels for:

  • Drunk star: Eggnogs and alcohol are popular this time of year. This special tree star mirrors the popular drinks of the season and what happens when you have one too many  
  • Upbeat miniature tree: This miniature ornament is all smiles, and seems quite pleased that the holiday season is here. It’s a great way to spread some cheer
  • Cute gift sac and gingerbread man: Of course, no décor would be complete without Artisan Rose's adorable take on Santa’s sac and the gingerbread man

There are many ways you could play about with these tree ornaments. Hurdle them up together to create your comedic corner or spread them out sporadically with the drunk star at the top so it’s always within eye view. The ball’s- or should we say stars- is in your court

  • Keep it classy with some timeless red pearl ball Christmas tree ornaments

Well, Christmas décor wouldn’t be Christmas décor if red and green were missing from your decorative color scheme. While thinking outside the box can win you marks, it simply wouldn’t be the same if you steered clear of Christmas’ most beloved and trademark hues.

For the faithful, red has traditionally been a representation of the blood of Jesus Christ, which he shed amid crucifixion while green is popularly thought a symbol of eternal life. 

But it doesn’t have to be overbearing. If you already have a Christmas tree picked out, then you have your fair share of green set aside. All you need to do now is throw on some beautiful red pearl ball tree ornaments from Artisans Rose to break the monotony. 

Here’s what we loved about these classy ornaments: 

  • They have great reusability due to their timeless appeal
  • The ornaments are handcrafted and have great detail 
  • They come with thread hangers so you don’t have to add a hook 

You want to grab a couple of sets of these red pearls then space them out around the edge of the branches. Don’t cluster them up altogether, and be sure to incorporate other different colored ornaments in between the pearls just to mix it up. 

  • Craft your own minimalist Christmas tree 

Dare to be a lot different this holiday season. Swap out a traditional tree for a more convenient yet just as effective improvisation. For instance, you could pile up a few pieces of sleek planks (in a descending size Christmas tree shape) to make your center of attraction.

It’s less messy than a real Christmas tree (and you don’t have to water or maintain it) but it still has sufficient space to display any glorious tree ornaments you’d like to use to make a festive statement. A minimalist tree is especially a wise idea if you’re short of living space and want to avoid the bulkiness of a huge tower. 

  • Fashion fabric into gorgeous Christmas balls 

Give old fabric a new purpose by turning them into sleek Christmas balls. Nothing says extraordinary festive charm more than recycled ornaments that are easy on the eye and the environment. 

If you’d like to get ready-made fabric balls to add dimension and authenticity to your tree décor game, you can choose to shop for these ornaments at Artisans Rose. These are particularly excellent because: 

  • They are a year-long’s product of artisan creativity and they show
  • They come ready to hang and look quite distinct from traditional Christmas balls
  • Designs are bespoke as artisans handcraft every piece


Christmas is right around the corner and homeowners are pulling out all the stops to go one better over their neighbors, and pretty much anyone else that poses a décor challenge. Hopefully, these Christmas home decor ideas we’ve discussed offer inspiration to pull together your perfect look that will make your competitors’- and guests’- jaws drop. If you’re in search of a Christmas home decor store to supply some of these super-cute tree ornaments we’ve covered today, Artisans Rose has you covered. Feel free to look about our store to find something cool and cute to spice up your festive style.